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2010 Board of Directors


Anne Benge
Unisource Solutions


Allison Beall
Pacific Building Group


Kellie Hill
R3 Building Systems

Angela Rauzi
Dowling Construction

Tara Burns

Tiffany English
Ware Malcomb Architects

Jason Hunking
Roel Construction Company

Colleen Utterback
Heaviland Enterprises

Sheri Rossini
Gerson Law Firm

Jennifer Shumaker
Douglas Allred Company

Amber Mauer
JMA Architecture

Christina Skwat
Studley, Inc.

Debra Aitken
California Bank & Trust

Chapter Administration
Tamara LaChimia
Phone: 619.507.0176
1201 Wakarusa Drive, C3
Lawrence, KS 66049
crewsd@crewnetwork.org tamaralachimia@cox.net

CREW San Diego would like to welcome our
3RD Quarter New Members

Welcome to CREW San Diego- we invite you to join a network of commercial real estate professionals committed to educating and advancing women in the industry. If you haven’t already, please take advantage of the many programs and events the chapter offers. To get connected, contact any one of the board members listed for more information. Again, welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Marie Lewis
Sempra Energy

CREW San Diego’s 2010 Legacy Members

2010 Legacy Members:
(joined 2006 and prior)

Debra Aitken
Allison Beall
Tara Burns
Susan Couch
Debbie Curtis
Deborah Davidson
Tiffany English
Linda Greenberg
Lisa Gualco
Terry Hall
Lisa Irvin
Desiree Kay Lawn
Amber Mauer
Sonia Miró
Misty Moore
Virginia Partridge
Angela Rauzi
Rose Silverwater
Christina Skwat

New in 2010 is the Legacy Forum, which invites Past Presidents, Past Board Members and Legacy Members to offer ideas, experiences and feedback for our chapter. Please contact Debra Aitken, 2010 Past President, for more information.

Legacy Members are those who have been a part of CREW for 5 years or more and receive extra membership benefits. Please contact the chapter administrator if there is a mistake in the list above.

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It’s not too late to become a 2011 CREW San Diego Sponsor!

Sponsor benefits include:

  • Year-round Recognition
  • Complimentary Tickets to Luncheons
  • Ad Space
  • Special Event Passes
  • Golf Tournament Tickets
  • A description about your company
    and web link in an issue of our
    quarterly newsletter

Annual Sponsorships Offered:

  • Gold Sponsor: $2,700.00
  • Silver Sponsor: $2,000.00
  • Bronze Sponsor: $1,500.00
  • Program, Golf Tournament, Event Sponsorships Available!

Please contact Angela Rauzi for more information.


CREW San Diego
2010 Annual Sponsors
CREW San Diego Annual Sponsors Roel Construction Company Anderson Audio Visual Arborwell Dowling Construction Pacific Building Group California Bank & Trust AAA Property Services Unisource Solution DFS Flooring Brickman JMA Architecture Kilroy Realty Swinerton Builders TW2 Marketing Inc. Proforma The Daily Transcript Roel Construction Company Anderson Audio Visual Arborwell Dowling Construction Pacific Building Group California Bank & Trust AAA Property Services Unisource Solution DFS Flooring Brickman JMA Architecture Kilroy Realty Swinerton Builders TW2 Marketing Inc. Proforma The Daily Transcript

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CREW Network

CREW San Diego
is a chapter of
CREW Network

CREW San Diego

CREW Foundation

CREW Foundation was incorporated in 1998 as the 501(c)3, philanthropic arm of CREW Network and continues to stand as the sole foundation dedicating its resources towards building opportunities for women and girls in commercial real estate . in collaboration with CREW Network, CREW Foundation implements and supports a Career Outreach Agenda which cultivates our future Network leaders through participation in a continuum of educational outreach, scholarship and mentoring programs built to introduce the commercial real estate industry to female high school while connecting female college students and entry-level career women to the resources, support and network they need to gain financial independence and economic self-sufficiency through a successful career in the commercial real estate industry.

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CREW Network Convention

CREW Network Convention & Marketplace
San Francisco, CA
September 20-23, 2010

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Issue 3   |    FALL 2010  

Anne Benge

Anne Benge
Unisource Solutions
2010 CREW San Diego President




President's Message

CREW Community: Build & Belong

Belonging to a community is a fundamental want of just about anyone I know.  It can be a church, a neighborhood, an office, your kid’s school, a gym, a sorority, an organization like CREW or anything that ties you with other people.   I actually think this is getting stronger with the proliferation of email and texting which separate us from one another.

Any sort of community requires some work on your part to feel like you belong.  It can feel like a clique or a closed group even when the community itself would vehemently say they are not acting that way.  Communities have intimacy and trust and commonality and support and emotional ties.  These take time and any good community requires you to spend some time getting to know the people and putting in some effort.  Sometimes that effort is painful and scary.  Sometimes it is easy.  My reality is both and.  I have found CREW to be an amazing community that provides me a sense of belonging.  I learn from others in the real estate business, I have met friends for life.

Communities, like any wonderful thing, have good and bad times.  Or as I like to see it, relationships have four seasons; spring, summer, winter and fall.  Fresh and new times, bright and fun times, times to reflect and refrain and of course those dark times.  Normal cycles.

If you are reading this, you are a part of the community of CREW San Diego.  The more you put in, the more you will get out of it.  You already belong, now get involved, we need you and want to help you succeed.

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CREW San Diego Member News


CREW San Diego Done Deals

Done Deals makes us ask ourselves…who in CREW are we doing business with? Too often we don’t even realize we have achieved the greatest goal of the organization, or just don’t want to be recognized for it. Well, we want to hear about it. Email your Done Deals to Tara Burns.

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CREW Corner

What do you Know?
Every month, the CREW Column is published in The San Diego Daily Transcript-  we like to think of it as a revolving door of topics for the commercial real estate professional. Topics in the CREW Column range from leasing regulations to networking to building design.
So, what do you know? Is there a topic, project, challenge you’ve been working on in your field that you’d like to inform us about? The CREW Column is open to all CREW members, all disciplines and we need writers to contribute.  Contact Tara for more information.

Check out our August CREW Column, with Artrageous! owner (and recently published Corporate Art book author) Barbara Markoff.

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A.O. Reed & Co., a nationally recognized MSCA GreenStar Contractor, proudly named “2010 Industry Champions” by SDG&E at the 2010 Energy Showcase Awards.

“A.O. Reed & Co. saved their clients well over 3 million kWh and received over $300,000 in rebates and incentives by partnering with SDG&E on five programs,” said Hal Snyder, vice president of customer solutions for SDG&E, during the awards luncheon on May 18. “Comprehensive energy savings solutions and leveraging SDG&E incentives in now part of their culture.”

A.O. Reed & Co. has embraced their clients in an energy efficiency partnership- The San Diego Museum of Art, Kyocera America, Time Warner, CB Richard Ellis and others-where the energy efficiency culture permeates through the operation of the client to deliver results.

“A.O. Reed & Co. walked the talk by investing in substantial sustainable energy saving retrofits to their own buildings, including mechanical, lighting, window tint, cool roof and photovoltaic”, said Snyder.

With 97 years in the mechanical business, A.O. Reed & Co. continues with their core values of integrity, education, creativity, and always doing the right thing. Incorporating the energy efficiency and sustainability to their core values has set A.O. Reed & Co. apart from their competitors.

Congratulations to A.O. Reed & Co. for winning the SDG&E 2010 Industry Champion Award!

Along with A.O. Reed & Co. other award winners were Life Technologies, High Tech High, The Irvine Company, La Costa Resort & Spa, NASSCO, Nordstrom, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, UC San Diego, Capistrano Unified School District, and the V.A. Medical Center. 

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Arborwell recognized for company's growth

CREW San Diego would like to wish Arborwell congratulations!

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CREW Members featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript's 2010 Soaring Dimensions

San Diego Daily Transcript

Optimize office real estate value, worker productivity with frugal strategies
Thursday, August 26, 201

The recession dealt a lot of hard lessons, but frugality is one that can well serve business and building owners in perpetuity. A simple, often overlooked way to optimize business profits is to modify existing workspace. Studies show that providing an efficient and inspiring interior space can increase work force productivity and reduce absenteeism. For building owners, minor modifications can make a big improvement to the value of the real estate asset.

Your interior space
Study after study has demonstrated that test scores improve, retail purchases increase and, most importantly to the business owner, worker productivity goes up when a building lets in sunlight. This might mean moving offices and workstations to the perimeter of your space and meeting rooms to the center, and/or eliminating unnecessary window coverings.

Other ways to optimize productivity are to place departments that work together in close proximity, and seasoned workers next to young employees to encourage a mentoring relationship.

For interior furnishings, consider repurposing or refurbishing unwanted pieces and/or purchasing gently used pieces. Not only will this keep costs down, but it is also good for the environment.

If your company is growing and you are looking to increase space, consider avoiding or postponing the costs of finding a new office by using movable walls to configure and reconfigure the office.

If you have extra space in the office and can still afford to carry the lease or mortgage, consider how that space could be utilized to further accommodate and optimize the existing work force. Game rooms, lounges and meeting rooms are popular choices, but employees themselves might come up with some great ideas, too.

Reducing absenteeism
Implementing some principles of sustainable design can go a long way toward reducing absenteeism. Sick building syndrome describes when occupants of a building experience adverse health and comfort impacts from spending time inside a building. Extreme cases of airborne contaminants in some buildings have led to serious health conditions and widespread absenteeism.

As much as possible, business owners should avoid using volatile organic compounds that off-gas in the workspace. This includes paint, carpet, upholstery and more. Landlords are increasingly sensitive to this issue and may be willing to help out if changes need to be made.

Natural ventilation also helps reduce buildup of off-gassing materials, but lessees may not have control over whether their building offers operable windows.

As much as possible, create a pleasant environment for your employees so that they perceive coming to work as a positive experience. Think about how you feel stepping into an office with good lighting, attractive furnishings and interesting wall hangings as opposed to a stark, institutional-looking office.

For building owners
Building owners can increase the value of their real estate asset and the likelihood of occupancy and/or sale with simple, frugal aesthetic and systematic modifications.

Though not always low cost, upgrades to building systems like HVAC, electrical, plumbing and mechanical can save you and your tenants money in the long run. In a competitive leasing market, lower utility bills will surely provide an advantage for attracting a tenant over buildings with outdated building systems. The same goes for planting drought-resistant landscaping around the building rather than plants that require a lot of water.

In terms of interior finishes, carpet tiles can be a great alternative to wall to wall carpeting. If the carpet gets worn or stained in one area, you can replace just one carpet tile rather than an entire room full of carpet. Interior finishes should also be neutral in color and timeless in design to avoid making the space seem outdated just a few years in the future.

Curb appeal is just as important for office buildings as it is for houses. Investment in attractive landscaping and a polished entrance can increase the value of the building, encourage quicker leasing and create a sense of pride among the work force. The cosmetic nature of this work will likely save money over doing a larger remodel.

Other focal points of the building, such as courtyards, lobbies and elevators, can also provide the benefits listed above with the right cosmetic touches and care.

Finally, sustainable design is here to stay, and buildings that have a LEED rating or just a lot of sustainable design features will be more attractive to tenants and buyers now and in the future. You should consider engaging a consultant to perform a comprehensive audit demonstrating how the real estate asset could become “greener,” and then determine where you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck.

Benge is a principal in the San Diego office of Unisource Solutions and the president of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) San Diego. English, CID, LEED AP, is director of interior architecture and design for Ware Malcomb.

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    CREW Connects the Dots with
The San Diego Daily Transcript
    SDDT On August 5th, The San Diego Daily Transcript hosted CREW San Diego members at its office for a Connect the Dots presentation. SDDT, who is CREW San Diego’s exclusive media sponsor, holds workshops for companies and organizations on utilizing their website and daily paper to build more business. Besides tracking the latest local and national news, San Diego Daily Transcript holds a wealth of knowledge online- contact them to set up a Connect the Dots presentation at your company. CREW Members receive special pricing on subscriptions! MORE

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CREW San Diego Summer Social

Summer Social at Pacific Grill, Del Mar

Summer social 1

Summer social 2

Summer social 3

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Save the Date


Thursday, October 14, 2010
5:00 - 8:00 pm

 Wine Tasting Event


CREW Foundation

benefiting CREW Foundation
CREW Careers™
CREW Network Scholarships
Industry Research

Tasting Stations:

  • Wallet Friendly, Economic Recovery Wines
  • Test Your Palate – Blind Tasting ~ prizes for the attendee with the best palate
  • Support Our Economy – California Wine Selection
Silent Auction Raffle Prizes:
including CREW San Diego Board "mystery" wine selections

LOCATION:     Fifty Seven Degrees |
(click here to view map)
1735 Hancock Street |  San Diego, CA 92101
COST: Members: $45 | *Legacy Members: $40
Non-Members: $65Registrations received after 10/12 will be charged an additional $10. *Legacy members are current members who have been CREW members for 5+ years.

Register Online [HERE]Refunds granted if notice of cancellation is received at crewsd@crewnetwork.org or 785.832.1808 by October 12. If you register and do not cancel by 10/12, you are responsible for full payment, regardless of participation.

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Save the Date   |  Members Only Event

Holiday Celebration & Annual Awards Program 2010 Annual Sponsor Cocktail Reception

December 9, 2010
Invitation coming soon


CREW network News


2010 CREW Network Spring Leadership Summit & Council Meeting

Written by Denise Kahler
Marketing and Communications Director
CREW Network

As the commercial real estate industry continues to slug its way out of one of the greatest recessions of our time, CREW Network President Kristin Blount reminded delegates during the 2010 Spring Leadership Summit & Council Meeting in Minneapolis that CREW Network is focused on two key areas this year: keeping chapters strong and supporting member success.

Building our Brand
Addressing both the need to keep its chapters strong and members successful, CREW Network is working to strengthen the overall CREW Network brand.  Delegates were reminded of CREW Network’s new branding statement   “At CREW Network, we exist to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women.” It is important that all chapters communicate and incorporate this branding statement at the local level so that this organization builds cohesive messaging.  CREW Network has also developed a standard CREW Network Chapter logo that several chapters have already adopted. As more and more chapters adopt this standard look, it will continue to increase CREW Network’s market presence.  President Blount reminded delegates that we all share in the responsibility to carry the message.  Watch for more branding tools to come from CREW Network.

Strong Chapters
Providing chapters the right tools and resources is critical to maintaining a healthy network. Among its newest resources, CREW Network announced the development of two new chapter playbooks scheduled to be released later this year.  The first, Chapter Administration Playbook, will cover everything from chapter startup to finances, governance, insurance and more – everything needed to run an effective chapter.  Additionally, CREW Network’s Career Outreach Playbook will provide chapters everything they need to know to successfully launch a career outreach program such as CREW Careers, UCREW and eMentoring.

CREW Network is also supporting its chapters through its newly developed Chapter Committee Leadership Calls. Presented by CREW Network leaders and members, these calls focus on chapter issues such as membership development, building effective committees for strategic boards and tips for program committee chairs – all of which complement its existing board hosted leadership calls delivered monthly to CREW Network Presidents and Presidents-Elect.  The open exchange of information and best practices provides an unmatched support system for every CREW Network chapter.

Attendees of the Spring Leadership Council participated in strategic roundtable discussions addressing two key areas for chapters: membership recruitment and retention, and programming.  Delegates and chapter leaders were broken down into small work groups to discuss these two issues and how they relate to the overall branding of CREW Network.  The types of programs chapters offer and the makeup of members within a chapter all impact the CREW Network brand.  Delegates discussed the need for having several committees work together to create greater synergy; the need for diversity on the program committee, including diversity of discipline, seniority and more; understanding the needs of a chapter’s members and providing them with what they want; and the need to get new members active within the chapter immediately.

Successful Members
With members continuing to search for deals and looking for ways to increase their knowledge and marketability within the industry, CREW Network has responded with several new programs.

CREW Network launched its University Leadership Series earlier this year.  This series, sponsored by Studley, brought in professors from some of the top real estate programs in the United States such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, and Wharton to present webinars, at no charge to members, on topics ranging from real estate finance to entrepreneurships, transaction and deal structures, and more. 

Also this year, CREW Network launched its much anticipated CREWbiz™ business networking site. CREWbiz provides every member a personal marketing page to promote business expertise, areas of specialties, deals completed, presentations given, and more – all designed to foster networking among all 8,000 members of the CREW Network organization.  While deals may be slow to produce, they are happening across North America and CREWbiz provides an opportunity for members to find the right person to bring onto their teams.  The CREWbiz tool will only be successful when every CREW Network member has populated her/his personal profile page.  Delegates were charged with encouraging every member within their chapters to participate in CREWbiz.

Continuing its commitment to providing members with quality professional development training, delegates and chapter leaders participated in the highly acclaimed Crucial Conversations training, presented by Candace Bertotti, master trainer, VitalSmarts L.C.  Participants were asked to think about a particularly difficult conversation they would like to or need to have with an individual and to write down how that conversation would go. Next, participants were lead through a series of exercises to help them implement strategies to insure their “crucial” conversation is conducted in a professional, positive and effective way. Delegates learned how to “State My Path,” which involves the following:

  • Share your facts
  • Tell your story
  • Ask for others’ paths
  • Talk tentatively
  • Encourage testing

Session participants were challenged to take an honest look at what they hoped to achieve by having the particular conversation, learning that to be right, punish, save face or look good are considered unhealthy goals.  Instead participants were encouraged to consider healthy goals such as to strengthen the relationship, learn, achieve better results and find the truth.

Industry Research Preliminary Findings
CREW Network’s industry benchmark study conducted in 2005 was one of the most important resources provided to members and to the industry – offering concrete analysis of the achievements of women in the industry.  Industry Research Committee Board Liaison Diane Butler presented delegates with some of the preliminary findings from CREW Network’s 2010 industry benchmark study to be released in October.  Overall, while gaps do still exist, progress is being made.

Among some of the report highlights, disparity continues to exist in compensation levels for men and women in similar positions with similar years of experience. In 2005, 58 percent of men reported incomes in excess of $150,000, while only 24 percent of women reported incomes at the same levels.  While that gap has narrowed, the 2010 numbers still favor men with 48 percent men and 28 percent women reporting incomes in excess of $150,000.

While not surprising, given the current economic climate, significantly more respondents now indicate they would consider a position with 100 percent commission. Specifically, the percentage of women willing to be compensated under a 100 percent commission plan increased from 17 percent reported in 2005 to 41 percent reported in the current study.

Regarding the areas of success and satisfaction, when asked to list the top five most important job characteristics, both men and women agreed that job enjoyment, challenging job and co-worker respect were within their top five. However, whereas women rounded out their top five with maximize earnings potential and career achievement, men listed level of decision making and (for the first time) time for family among their top five – a potentially interesting finding for employers.

Strong Chapters. Successful Members
The months ahead will continue to challenge every professional within the commercial real estate industry. CREW Network remains poised and committed to providing chapters and members the right resources and tools to ensure chapters remain healthy and members remain successful.  To do this takes a commitment from every chapter and every member within this Network to effectively communicate the CREW Network brand and to communicate your needs back to the Network. We’re here. We’re listening. We’re responding.  

    CREW Network Convention
      Year at a Glance
Click Here

Luncheon Programs will be held from 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.
Sheraton La Jolla (formerly La Jolla Radisson,
3299 Holiday Court, San Diego, CA 92122

Event Dates and Locations Subject to Change.
Please visit www.crewsandiego.org for more information or to RSVP.

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