What is CREW Network?

  • CREW Network is a professional organization formed in 1989 to facilitate the exchange of information, develop business contacts, and to assist women in the commercial real estate industry to succeed professionally.
  • CREW Network represents a well-educated and experienced group of more than 8,000 professionals, with membership that reflects all disciplines of commercial real estate; every type of expert required to “do the deal”.
  • Each of the 73 chapters, located in major commercial real estate markets in North America, offers its own unique structure and framework, which allow it to meet the needs of its individual members and marketplace.
  • CREW Network provides the services and resources its members need to advance their businesses and careers, including national and international business development resources, leadership experience, continuing professional education and career opportunities.


CREW Network Member Surveys Indicate:

  • CREW members average 14 years of commercial real estate experience
  • More than 63% are presidents, CEOs, partners or senior managers of their companies.
  • Nearly 90% hold college or graduate degrees.
  • 76% reported making decisions on hiring outside vendors or contractors.
  • Median income level reported: in excess of $100,000 per year.
  • Average income level reported: $125,800 per year.
  • More than 75% have received or given a referral from or to another member.
  • Nearly 50% reported having conducted a commercial real estate transaction with another member.

For more information regarding CREW Network, visit the
CREW Network website at
www.crewnetwork.org, or e-mail at:

crewinquiry@crewnetwork.org, or call 785-832-1808

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